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She Walks Like Rihanna: The Doobie Wrap Tried and Tested


Can anyone other than Rih rock a doobie wrap for anything other than nipping around the corner? Our beauty guru Lesley steps out to find out.

Rihanna caused a storm after rocking a doobie at the American Music Awards last week. For anyone that doesn’t know what a doobie is, it’s a way of wrapping the hair and is usually worn at night to keep straight styles intact. Rihanna’s often known for chopping and changing her hair as often as some of us change our underwear but by rocking a doobie in public, many were left confused. Did she arrive at the AMA’s without having enough time to style her hair properly? Several appearances with the same ‘do, including her acceptance speech for the Icon Award, suggested otherwise.


rihanna doobie

A lot of the backlash on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter claimed the doobie was not a hairstyle. She did have her hair styled though, with diamonte pins no less. Whether you love it or hate it, Rihanna is a trendsetter, and we wondered what kind of reaction rocking a doobie outside of the house would get. Would it catch on?

Not being a doobie doer, attempting to get the hair perfectly wrapped was the first challenge. Let’s just say thank God for the hair pins as no amount of brushing would help my hair stay in place. With no diamond encrusted bobby pins at my disposal, I used regular gold pins to fix my hair. I’ve been out of the house with questionable styles beforehand, but given the backlash about this style I couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive. I had what felt like a hair helmet on my head, which wasn’t particularly comfortable with all the pins. I didn’t like how it looked either even with my attempt to jazz it up with a bit of gold.

After mustering just enough courage to go out in public I started to observe people’s reactions whilst I sheepishly strolled down the street and tried to carry out my day as normal. At first no one seemed to notice at all and didn’t give me a first, let alone second glance. In fact, the reactions were a little underwhelming given the uproar on Twitter when Rihanna wore this style. After approaching a passersby, one girl did remark ‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in it’ and another stated she would ‘never step outside like that’. After seeing it, one of my friends stated ‘I’m going to divorce you as a friend’ though he was joking, I hope. In general though a lot of people didn’t know what a ‘doobie’ was and weren’t fazed by my decision to wear it outside the house, others who did know what it is or knew it as wrapping simply wouldn’t wear it as a hairstyle.




The verdict? Who cares if you want to rock a doobie whilst running errands or even on a night out? It is a way of styling the hair but as it’s known predominantly to preserve straight styles it looks unlikely that this will be trending any time soon. Wearing the doobie was an unusual experience for me, mostly as I don’t ever wrap my hair to keep it straight. I happily took my hair down at the end of the day. Given that I found it uncomfortable and I didn’t think it looked cute on me, I won’t be trying the doobie again.



So guys; any of you brave enough to brace the world with a doobie? Vote below!

Words by Lesley Buckle
Twitter: @FreshLengths

4 Responses to “She Walks Like Rihanna: The Doobie Wrap Tried and Tested”

  1. LoveLyndaLovely

    No mainly as you say because I don’t have a straight style to preserve. People do follow Rihanna’s every style move slavishly so I’m willing to bet there’ll be a few more doobies being rocked on the streets soon.

  2. AFA

    I’m dominican and I’m pretty sure doobie-wraps are originally from here where it’s very common to see women wearing them right out of the salon. Wouldn’t shock me to see you on the streets like this, but I wouldn’t exactly go to a gala with it either.


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